So, I tried Thrift Shopping.

I want to share the things I try.

“I was with my sister when I tried thrift shopping. ”

Whenever weekend comes, my sister always brings home new stuff. These stuff are clothes which have unpleasant smell yet looks chic and classy. I asked her, “Where do you get those stuff from”? She said, “From a Thrift Shop” or otherwise known as Ukay-Ukay, Wagwagan, or UK (this term is often used as euphemism for Ukay-Ukay) in the Philippines.

I was curious so I asked her to take me to one of the thrift shops she often visits. Along a known place stands numerous Consignment Stores which are next to each other! As we enter the first shop, an unpleasant smell greet me. It smelt like a very old box was opened to get those stuff from it. What made me more dizzy were the tons of clothes hanging in a rack which were categorized per section (women’s top, dresses, men’s pants, etc.). Through this, you will save time in looking for the stuff you want to get.

I tried checking myself the clothes that they sell. There were some clothes of good quality but most of them have the trace of being used (stained, have holes, faded colors, missing buttons, etc.). There were clothes which caught my attention that’s why I already took it for the price of 70 pesos each. I told my sister that it was so affordable! All you have to do is have patience on checking the clothes per rack and soon you will find one!

*People often misled others that used clothes by strangers cannot be used anymore as these may contain skin diseases which you may get. I have the same idea as others with Thrift Shopping but I do not see any harm that it did to my sister. Perhaps, it was because she meticulously soaks it in hot water, sprinkles some detergent powder on it, and exposes it directly to sunlight.

*Effect: With my new knowledge about shopping, I stopped my obsession from getting new clothes from Forever21 and H&M. Soon, I will post the stuff I get from thrift shopping and inspirational OOTDs out of those. Thanks for dropping by! Have a wonderful day! God bless everyone! 🙂



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