NSO Helpline

I badly needed a copy of my Birth Certificate, however, because of my past experience of processing it in its main office in Fairview (long queue, hot climate, boredom), I tried to check online for faster way of getting a copy.

Boom! I stumbled upon this website “https://nsohelpline.com” where it says you can get a copy of your Birth Certificate in 2-3 days for Metro Manila residents upon payment.

So, I filled out their Birth Certificate Application form online. Afterwards, you will be asked for payment options like over-the-counter payment or through Credit Card via DragonPay. I was a bit hesitant, however, I’m left with no choice but to give this a try unless I want to experience the long queue again.

Anyway, it’s time to pay. It was my first time to encounter DragonPay, so I searched for it on Google just to make sure it is legit. It has a security encryption for Credit card payments to be secured and upon checking reviews which are quite good, I gave in.

After a few minutes, I received an email that the transaction was successful and I was charged 350 pesos. Well, that was fast! Fair enough over the hassle you’ll experience when you do it the usual way.

Included in the email were the transaction code, reference number, and other details about the transaction. Now, I’m starting to change my view about transacting necessary documents.

I tried to check if the reference number or tracking number really works, and yes it did. It gave me details about the delivery. It said it was out for delivery after a day. After 2 days, I received a copy of my NSO Birth Certificate!

With this experience, my view about processing documents is starting to change.