Fresh Grad. How it feels like.

Afraid of  being rejected. That little ache is something that I don’t want to feel. How will I overcome it? Will it boost my self-esteem? What would they think about me? Will someone still believe in me after consecutive rejections?

Graduation Day was over. It’s time to face the real world to get up and look for jobs online. Why did I apply just now when the competition is tough with co-grads, not to mention those experienced ones in the job market?

How am I going to sell my skills? How will I ace the interview? What are the technical questions they might ask? Woaah. These are just some of the questions that I searched online to be prepped for my upcoming interviews.

It’s time to update my resume. As my old thinking goes, “The longer, the better”. I was using the same old resume until I bumped into one of my old friends who’s a Psychology graduate. He told me that for me to have better chances in being shortlisted, I must make my resume catchy. A 2-page about yourself is okay but a 1-page resume will look better. It must state all the necessary information related to the job you want to get, else it’ll be of no use.

HINT: IT industry

I submitted my application to E and I passed the HR interview where interview with the managers will come in next. However, I didn’t hear from the interviewer after it was cancelled.

Having heard a lot of positive reviews about M, I tried my luck there. I passed their online assessment exam, however, the positions were already full.

I tried A, however, they took so long to include me in their shortlisted candidates, until it aged, my results were gone, so I have to start from scratch again.

Then, I tried my soft side. I took a codility exam from O, but it seemed I lacked still the logic and understanding about programming. FAILED.

I felt so upset about myself. I started to doubt what I can do. What added more to my doubt was my M, so I had to look for a job and be hired ASAP.

Call center? Yes, you heard it right. Since I already had an experience working in a BPO industry, I gave in. The pay was kinda okay so I signed the contract.

Our work was easy but my body clock seemed to dislike my schedule. Also, there’s still a desire in my heart to pursue a career that is related to my program. After 3 months, I resigned. Wew!

I was unemployed for 2 months after resignation.

Now, I’m happily employed at M.

For blank and sample resume, please see below: